Data Logger Temperature and Relative Humidity Alert Alarm
Temperature alarm

Temperature alarm

Instructions to work with Datasuite

Instructions in English for DataSuite
Instructions in English for DataSuite


External Temperature Logger – For Controlling Ice Cream Pasteurization
Data logger for qualification of Pasteurisation time of Ice Cream in small facility manufacture
• The cost of adding a special controller to the machine that is able to produce the required report is very high and therefore demands great resources in order to implement.
Best solution is Microlite -EX

Temperature Data loggers for the Catering Indusrty
Catering Indusries uses Temperature Data logger to track quality for schools , summer camps, Hospitals, Institutions, Hotels.

Temperature control Food suply Education system
Control the food chain for the Health of school and kindergarden health!
אוגר נתונים טמפרטורה ולחות תוצרת ישראל

What is the optimal temperature and Humidity for Computer service room?

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