Wittgas Gas Mixers
MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment
The principle of MAP is to replace the normal atmosphere by a gas mixture that is suited to the food in question. The method of the atmosphere replacement will be described in more detail in the following article link.

Witt-Gasetechnik GMBH & CO KG
Gas mixing makes a procedure accurate and with high quality.Mixing gases for welding , cutting or modified atmosphere makes a product to be superb

Continuous measurement Modified Atmosphere Packagin / Continuous MAP on Flowpack
Gas mixing systems for 2 or 3 defined gases, designed for packaging using a protective atmosphere in the food industry.
Applicable for all types of packaging machines; whether vacuum, thermoforming, pillow bags or manually-sealed compartments.
The KM-FLOW uses electronic mass flow controllers (MFC) instead of conventional proportional valves for mixing gases.
Combined with an analyser results a maximization of the packaging quality accompanied by minimization of the gas consumption. This efficient workflow can be ideally realized with MFC.

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