TMI Barak "Termo on Line" for Storage and Maturing Chambers/ Data storage information Production and Transportation
"TMI Termo On line" is a temperature and Relative Humidity acquisition system. Temperature recorder. Data logger
It is a cost effective, simple, intercom based, for wide variety of applications.
Choose it to be your Quality assurance system for temperatures logged between
-40℃ to +90℃ (-40℉ to +194℉).
5 reasons to choose DAQ on LINE
1. Price of instalation is inexpensive Simple double strand copper wire is used for instalation. All other applications need expensive wiring as thermocouple or PT100
2. Cost of maintanance negliable
Wiring does not need any calibration or compensation. The NTC thermistor is the only calibrated unit.
3. No interfere of other wireless applications
Using wireless applications make you consider download procedures, other existing applications,loss of data due to download failures. In DAQ on Line- data downloaded is allways stored in files on your PC
4. Simple software architecture Using minimum screens . Unlimited infinite data stored.
5. Experience in industry environements
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