TMI-Orion data loggers
TMI-Orion designs and manufactures measurement equipment for validation and control of industrial processes. Specially designed for standing harsh industrial environments they measure temperature, pressure, relative humidity, length variation, weight variation, air flow and others... These equipment are self contained data loggers. They communicate with a PC through wired or wireless transmission systems. A long experience in real time radio frequency transmission gives the possibility to offer a complete process control solution using the standard industrial buses. Communication and data processing software can fit most of the industrial requirements as health care, ceramic, food, ... and can evolve towards your specific needs. Outstanding accuracies (up to +/-0.05 C , 5 mbar, ...) demonstrate the technology leading of TMI-Orion products and its calibration laboratory. Extreme conditions of temperature (up to 1100C) and pressure are familiar to an engineering team eager to satisfy your needs. A technical cooperation policy with other laboratories gives a great flexibility for innovation and advanced technology solutions.
Built in functions for analysing Sterilization F0 value, Pasteurisation value, Cooking value
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