ASTORI TECNICA Milk and Dairy Analyses
cryoscope to test 2 samples at a time
CryoStyle 40 Double is a 40-sample carousel-based automatic equipment with a double reading head to cut the analysis time to the half, with touch-screen for the determination of the milk cryoscopic point variation due to added water, according to the IDF-ISO 5764:2009 and AFNOR rules. The curve of the measured temperature values of the sample is shown in real time during the determination.

Astor Multi is a complete centrifuge with multiple applications for dairy and food analyses

The Stick c-GMP’s are 3 immunochromatographic kits based on the easy-to-use test-strip format for the determination of added whey in milk and powdered milk. The test principle is the determination of the Casein-GlycoMacroPeptide, which is present in huge amounts in whey due to the casein enzymatic degradation during the cheese manufacturing process. Not-adulterated milk does not include this substance, if not in low traces.

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