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Seminars in Water Activity in the Holy Land/ Water Activity Lecture
Lectures from Decagon Devices:
Decagon conducted a week of seminars in Hanuka 2013 through Israel Universities
Topics :
I : Water Activity and its application in Food Quality Control & Safety: By Brady Weldon
II : Vapor Sorption Analyzer a new frontier in Food Science Research : By Wendy Ortman 2hr includes hands on applications.
All are invited to inquire for an invitation.

Measuring Moisture and Relative Humidity in 5 minutes
Decagon's new AquaLab DUO makes it possible to measure water activity and moisture content simultaneously with unmatched repeatability.

GO / NO GO food!
Decagon's new design Pawkit makes it possible to measure water activity for small as well as big production operations. THe ultimative gate watch for cake, dried meat , flour products

Decagon Aquasorp
A moisture sorption isotherm maps the complex, product-specific relationship between water content and water activity. Considered the "fingerprint" of a food product*, this curve (usually S-shaped) shows how water activity changes as water content is increased or decreased. An isotherm is the key to understanding and controlling product formulation, product stability, moisture sensitivity, temperature effects, and drying characteristics.

Water Activity and Pasteurization Herbs nuts almonds seeds

Water Activity for Medication
Implementation of Water-Activity Testing to Replace Karl Fischer method

Save in Microbiological tests
There are current ISO horizontal methods for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds in foods and animal feed.
ISO 21527:2008 is published in two parts.
Part 1 relates to food and feed samples with water activity of >0.95, while part 2 applies specifically to dried and processed foods with reduced water activity of <0.95.

Instrument Qualification / Operation Qualification / Product Qualification IQ/ OQ/ PQ
We supply wen buying from us instruments procedures for IQ / OQ / PQ tests

Plan storage seeds and flours
The susceptibility of foodstufs to fungal growth depends on several factors, of which the water activity and the length of storage are most important Read the article to learn more

Moisture Analyser
Fast response time and easy-to-use functionality make it the ideal moisture analyzer for a range of different applications.
The automatic test setting function lets you quickly run multiple tests without additional user input and the built-in memories let you store that data future reference.
The PMB offers smart features that have been developed to give you the ultimate performance for moisture analysis.

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