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Microlite datalogger temperature Humidity
The MicroLite is an ideal solution for a variety of industrial cold chain logistics, requiring a small form factor USB data logger.
Low cost, water resistant, multi-trip temperature data logger, with 16-bit resolution, 4-digit LCD display and direct USB connectivity – the MicroLite offers truly cost effective data logging. Fourtec
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Thermochron 2003 temperature data loggers TMI Barak Ltd. Service אוגר נתונים טמפרטורה לחות
Thermochron on your demand is our ASD program with Maxim Dallas. "ASD" stands for Authorized Solutions Developer. An ASD is a company that has developed software and/or hardware solutions using iButtons. TMI Barak developed a software to run Thermochrons and uses it for diverse applications as monitoring production, ascorting goos in transport, Process room validation and more.
The iButton is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm thick stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable container, up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go. The steel iButton can be mounted virtually anywhere because it is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments, indoors or outdoors. It is small and portable enough to attach to a key fob, ring, watch, or other personal items, and be used daily for applications such as access control to buildings and computers, asset management, and various data logging tasks.
Temperature Data loggers. Thermochrons ibuttons (i-buttons) Flexible software in an afordable price. אוגרי נתונים טמפרטורה ולחות יחסית
ibutton temperature i button thermochron termochron
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Fourtec - Microlite ensure quality1
From beggining of 2013 we stop distributing Microlite I (version I).
From now on we will distribute only Microlite II (version II)
Microlite II is suported by Data Suite software and has many features and options of measuring and data logging.
With Compliments,
TMI Barak Ltd.
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Temperature and Humidity data loggers for Museums and Restoration
Museums in Israel use Fourtec Data Loggers, to monitor Temperature and Relative Humidity of the National preserved valuable articles.
One of the most known sites that uses Fourtec Data loggers is the National Museum Park of Masada named after Igael Yadin
The museum, named after Yigael Yadin (an Israeli archeologist, politician, and the second Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces), includes hundreds of archeological finds from the Masada Fortress and mountain and its close vicinity.
The link and the picture are taken from the internet web site of Israel National Park Authority.

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Small Data logger Temperature and Humidity fitts in a bottle!
How can you check SHelf Life in a small package?
We offer the Hygrochron
Small , but very small, Data logger which can fit also through a bottle neck!
Humidity changes in a backed or fried snack cockies will give information on package permeability.

Picolite one time use data logger /data logger for Agriculture Produce and Pharmaceuticals
Picolite one time use data logger

DAQTOL is a DAQ tool - "TMI Double Strand wire logger"/Data Acquisition Laboratory and Warehouse
DAQTOL is a DAQ tool - "Double strand wire" is a temperature Relative Humidity acquisition or any 4 20 miliamper application and control system. Data loger or Data logger and temperature recorder
Additional software will control Temperature and Relative Humidity measured.
The system can acquire and control 8 to 64 data channel information.
"Double strand wire" is accurate high resolution system for temperature logged between
-40℃ to +90℃ (-40℉ to +194℉).
online temperature monitoring
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TMI Barak "Termo on Line" for Storage and Maturing Chambers/ Data storage information Production and Transportation
"TMI Termo On line" is a temperature and Relative Humidity acquisition system. Temperature recorder. Data logger
It is a cost effective, simple, intercom based, for wide variety of applications.
Choose it to be your Quality assurance system for temperatures logged between
-40℃ to +90℃ (-40℉ to +194℉).
5 reasons to choose DAQ on LINE
1. Price of instalation is inexpensive Simple double strand copper wire is used for instalation. All other applications need expensive wiring as thermocouple or PT100
2. Cost of maintanance negliable
Wiring does not need any calibration or compensation. The NTC thermistor is the only calibrated unit.
3. No interfere of other wireless applications
Using wireless applications make you consider download procedures, other existing applications,loss of data due to download failures. In DAQ on Line- data downloaded is allways stored in files on your PC
4. Simple software architecture Using minimum screens . Unlimited infinite data stored.
5. Experience in industry environements
We have reccomendations from 100% of our users!

Data Acquisition System DL3/Data Acquisition Pilot Plant
Plason from Kibutz Maagan Michael, demanded from TMI Barak a tailor made DAQ system. TMI Barak supplied it and it functiuon successfully!

REMMON gives TMI Barak Ltd. Service vehicle non static data loggers
Acquisition system controled from a far away located basis by celular transfer. The system permits acquiring information from the field with Internet technologies and cellular technology.
wireless temperature data logger wireless temperature monitoring wireless data acquisition

Data Logging System for Tank Pasturisation
Data Logger for measuring Process.
Install your system a double sensor for your Milk Tank, Honey Tank,Juice Tank, Beer Tank, Wine Tank To measure simulatanuesly information for Acquisition to the Controller System.

TMI-Orion data loggers
TMI-Orion designs and manufactures measurement equipment for validation and control of industrial processes. Specially designed for standing harsh industrial environments they measure temperature, pressure, relative humidity, length variation, weight variation, air flow and others... These equipment are self contained data loggers. They communicate with a PC through wired or wireless transmission systems. A long experience in real time radio frequency transmission gives the possibility to offer a complete process control solution using the standard industrial buses. Communication and data processing software can fit most of the industrial requirements as health care, ceramic, food, ... and can evolve towards your specific needs. Outstanding accuracies (up to +/-0.05 °C , 5 mbar, ...) demonstrate the technology leading of TMI-Orion products and its calibration laboratory. Extreme conditions of temperature (up to 1100°C) and pressure are familiar to an engineering team eager to satisfy your needs. A technical cooperation policy with other laboratories gives a great flexibility for innovation and advanced technology solutions.
Built in functions for analysing Sterilization F0 value, Pasteurisation value, Cooking value

Fourier Systems Fourtec
Fourier Fourtec Systems Ltd., a Hi-Tech company, developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced and award winning data acquisition systems, for the educational and industrial markets. Industrial Market was penetrated in the last five years with innovative wireless, portable graphic data loggers and data acquisition systems. These systems are being used for monitoring and recording ambient conditions in many industrial fields. Fourier Fourtec spans the full spectrum of corporate environments including medicine and pharmaceutical industries, food transportation, storage, air conditioning, ventilations and warehousing.
Microlog Daqpro Trylink Portable data logging devices well known data loggers in Education and in the Indusrtry. Built in functions for analysing Sterilization F0 value, Pasteurisation value, Cooking value microlog

Single use datalogger for Pharmaceuticals
PicoLite single-trip data logger to the cold chain transportation of Pharmaceuticals from production plant to customers' site.
The temperature during shipment is monitored by the PicoLite USB device.

Temperature Data Logger cloud solution
weboomerang™ is Fourtec’s new cloud-based application for emailing your PicoLite’s trip reports over the web, as soon as the product shipment has reached its destination.

REMMON Remote Monitoring
Remmon Remote Monitoring provides professional solutions within GSM cellular network. Using Remmon Remote Terminal Units (RTU) you can control, operate, update and data log crucial information via GSM/GPRS technology.

Digital Food Data Loger Thermometer Pharma safe
We supply Digital Thermometers from different brands and for different applications
microlite Fourier Fourtec

Temperature alert and control

Picolite one time use disposable temperature Data Logger
Manual for Picolite one time use disposable temperature Data Logger

Data Logger/ Temperature Monitoring/ Pasteurization Intergata Choclate Spread
Intergata added fourtec's MicroLite External NTC temperature data logger to the machine’s existing controller. The temperature of the production process is monitored by the MicroLite device
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Bumerang! Temperature and Humidity Data logger runs Marathon to deliver you data!
Works as Bumerang,
Runs to deliver you back data from your shipment
Sense Temperature better then any Data logger

Microlite datalogger temperature extended probe
Temperature Data Logger with external probe:
very simple
very accurate
very low cost אוגר נתונים טמפרטורה חיישן חיצוני
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Fourier Systems Fourtec
Fight Listeriosis
Microlite Fourtec brings Pasteurisation guarantee Maximum Quality with minimal price .
Afordable to any Catering service

Multi Channel Data Acquisition Logger
The DaqPRO™ is a portable, battery operated data acquisition and logging system offering 16-bits, high-resolution, 8 channel data logging
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Zigbee Temperature Data Acquisition
The DataNet is a 16-bit data logging system with 4 inputs for direct measurement and recording of PT-100, thermocouple (J, K, T), voltage, current, frequency, pulse and dry contact. Data transmission from units to the central computer utilizes the brand new ZigBee wireless telemetry protocol. Fourtec

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