Data Logger Temperature and Relative Humidity Alert Alarm
Temperature and Humidity alert Dat logger

Data Loggers Data Acquisition and Temperature Recorders אוגר נתונים טמפרטורה
Computerised DAQ (Data Acquisition) or Data logging of diverse data is an efficient method for cost effective, simple, wide variety of applications as Research and Quality Assurance. FOllow we show different types of DAQ systes.
hygrochron DS1923 thermochron DS1922 DS1921
online temperature monitoring
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MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment - Gas Analyser

Decagon Devices Inc.
Many food processors try to get control of their safety issues by measuring moisture content. Moisture content IS useful for certain production parameters, but when considering food safety, moisture content measurements are crude at best and misleading at worst. Moisture content is all about quantity--how much water. WATER ACTIVITY (aw) is about quality.
Decagon Devices produces Water Activity Meters, Sorption curve analyser, moisture analyser by means of water activity. First choice for quality control for sausage, cake, bread, candy and dry products (coffee, whey concentrate, baby food etc.) manufacturers in Israel HURDLE TECHNOLOGY.

KIMO brings the key tools for all professionals in HVAC and industry field.
Measure and store up values and restore on PC (wireless communication) up to 6 parameters alternately.
Pressure, temperature (RTD, thermocouple, NTC), humidity, air quality (CO/CO2), air velocity and airflow (vanes or hotwire), tachometry.

Steinfurth (Electromechanical Measuring Systems).
Beer analysis, Beverage testing, calibration and logger systems
Within the field of CO2 measuring, Steinfurth has successfully developed itself from a mining supplier to a market leader in measuring technology for the beverages industry.
CO2 measuring instruments • Calibration and measuring equipment for pressure and temperature • Torque measuring instruments • Calibration equipment for torque • Temperature/Pressure logger systems for pasteurization, KEG-monitoring, transport and storage • Package testing equipment • Laboratory carbonization systems • Sampling devices • Laboratory shaker • Beer analysis instruments


Test Rods for Metal Detectors
We supply test rods for metal detectos.

NIR Technology Instruments

ASTORI TECNICA Milk and Dairy Analyses
equipment for the rapid determination of milk


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