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Safe Packaging
Volk Enterprises offers a wide variety of quality, accurate and trusted products for the meat and poultry food processors, retailers and consumers alike.

Product lines include:
Temperature indicators
Poultry trussing devices
Flavor & product identification products
Custom manufacturing.

Volk also offers in-plant support and training to ensure total product satisfaction and performance.

Measure Temperature indicator Volk Pop Up®.
Add value to your quality meat, poultry, fish and more by adding our temperature indicating and flavor identification devices.
Make your case ready offerings more appealing to consumers by adding an extra measure of safety, such as a Cook’d Right™ Sensor or Pop Up®.
Eliminate over cooking and undercooking prime cuts of meat, and top choice roasts.
It’s a win-win! Consumers will come back again and again because they know you care.

Yieldmaster Cook in Bags
YieldMaster® High-Temperature Cook-In Bags are a proven winner, improving the yield, flavor and appearance of meat.
Meat cooks and browns in its own natural juices and flavorings without sticking to the bag.
Our patented oven bags enable hermetically-sealed vacuum meats to move safely from the processor, to the grocer and directly to the consumer’s oven at 400° F, virtually untouched by human hands.
This feature protects the product from cross contamination and maintains the integrity of the processors original recipe.

Chicken cooking

Safe Packaging

Information from Ministry oh Health State of Israel on Campilobacter

Cooking above temperatures of 160 F kills bacteria..Information from Ministry of Health in Israel

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