MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment - Gas Analyser
Small Gac Analyzer but...

Witt-Gasetechnik GMBH & CO KG
Wittgas Gas mixing Gas analysis Leak detecting and Safety Gas analyser for Modified Atmosphere . Vacuum Packaging quality control.

Invitation of Wittgas to IFFA exhibition to develop new methods for Quality assurance of prolonging shelf life for food products.

Leak Detecting Leak Detection
leak detecting solution for food fatories.

Continuous measurement Modified Atmosphere/ Continuous MAP on Flowpack
Gas mixing systems for 2 or 3 defined gases, designed for packaging using a protective atmosphere in the food industry.
Applicable for all types of packaging machines; whether vacuum, thermoforming, pillow bags or manually-sealed compartments.
The KM-FLOW uses electronic mass flow controllers (MFC) instead of conventional proportional valves for mixing gases.
Combined with an analyser results a maximization of the packaging quality accompanied by minimization of the gas consumption. This efficient workflow can be ideally realized with MFC.

CO2 / Air Quality Control for Fruit Chamber
Success in control of CO2 concentration and flow in maturing room of Sharon Fruit of Bustan Hadarom Company
Sweet success for the Israeli Sharon Fruit
Our part in the supply of the CO2 / Air Quality Control for Fruit Chamber

Second Hand Gas Analyser
Gas analysing leak detecting

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