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T.M.I. Barak supplies service and instrumentation for metrology, technological measurement , instrumentation for adhesives appliance and Packaging aids. We supply to the Israeli market and some outside of Israel.

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Presentation of our Data Logging/ Monitoring system:

Instrumentation for Technological Measurement:

  • Data logging systems (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, voltage, flow,
        vibrations and more) - Some of it is our own production 
  • Instrumentation for Gas analysis , Gas mixing and Gas handling
  • Colour Measurement
  • Rheological measurement
  • Water activity and Relative Humidity analysers
  • NIR analysers for Agro food, food and gasoline
  • Diverse parameters measurement in Food and Chemicals
Adhesives Application Systems:
  • New adhesive application systems: Hot melt and cold glue
  • Alternative parts for existing competition systems
  • Restored systems, Restored Hot melt parts.

 Packaging aids such as: Metal detectors , Leak detectors 


Most of our clients are from the Food Bussiness:
Convinience food producers, Bakeries, Dairies and Agro food Industries.
Some of our clients for Metrological systems are from the Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Print, Digital Print, Computers.
Adhesive systems we supply to the Cardboard producers Print houses Food industry and special applications

We will be glad to have Descent and Cooperative bussiness with companies worldwide. 

 Affiliated companies:

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TMI Barak - Technological Measurement Instruments   POB 7631 Neve Ram   Ramat Gan 52176   Israel   Tel: +97236782298   Email: [email protected]