Restoration and Renew in Museum Masada  

Seminars in Water Activity in the Holy Land  
Decagon will conduct week of seminars in Hanuka through Israel Universities
Topics :
I : Water Activity and it’s application in Food Quality Control & Safety: By Brady Weldon
II : Vapor Sorption Analyzer – a new frontier in Food Science Research : By Wendy Ortman 2hr includes hands on applications.
All are invited to inquire for an invitation.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Review Hebrew  

Leak Detection Inovations  

Decagon instructions how to use Water Activity parameter  
Decagon has produced some short videos that can be found on YouTube: The AquaLab Channel - WIth Compliments, Barak Zeichner TMI Barak Ltd. Haraba 10 Ramat Gan 52285 mail:[email protected] Tel:+97236782298 mobile:+972528372597 skype:BarakZeichner For more information on our activities visit:

TMI Barak Presentation Data Logger System  

Bakery Science and Technology  
Hebrew short sumarry on substituting fat and sugars in dough and the influence on Water Activity of baked products

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Review  
A review of this very important packaging system for the food industry offered by WIttgasetechnik


Safety issues of Food Engineer Food Technologist  
Institute for Safety and Instruction published a paper alert of possible hazardous issues for Food Engineer or Food Technologist

Water Activity  
This presentation was presented on a seminar day on June 2004. The seminar day took place in Milouda Laboratory (Acre Bay- Israel). Milouda is a laboratory which serves the food and feed industry.

Color Measurement  
Color Analysis of Cherry Liquer by Color Measurement

Storage induced colour changes of barley grain  
kernel colour is a criterion in the purchase of malting barley. Kernel colour also plays a role in determining the quality of barley for overseas markets, with the customer’s colour preferences dependent

Measurement Instruments אוגר נתונים | אוגרי נתונים | אוגר נתונים לטמפרטורה | אוגר נתונים לחות | אגירת נתונים  

Article written by Dr. Anthony Fontana   
A new article published at the "PFQ - Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality Magazine", was written by Dr. Anthony Fontana

News from First Class   
ASD is presented in Hebrew in Internet Newspaper

Сбор хранения и систематизация   
Многофункциональный мультилогер (ДАКТОЛ) предназначен для сбора и систематизации различных данных с целью отслеживания соблюдения технологий и расходов материалов энергии людского труда и времени,что в конце концов положительно отражается на качестве продукции и производительности, позволяет в полной мере овладеть ресурсосберегающими технологиями

Metal Detection Basics  
Lecture that was given by Mr. Phil Brown from Fortress Technology in Milouda Laboratoies in May 2006.

DataSUite Fourtec Upgrade  

Water Activity Vs. Moisture in Dates (Palm fruit)  
In Hebrew...

Read on our develop in Processingtalk   

Termo 2003 Data logging software  
This software will be used by our clients who buy from us thermochrons.
Warning: Before installing, please check with us licencing !

TMI - TERMO ON LINE Software and Hardware  
This software will be used by our clients who buy from us Data logger card TMI - TERMO ON LINE and software (PC connected).
Warning: Before installing, please check with us licencing !

Acrylamide - What can we do about it?  
Attached link to web of FOOD AND FEED SAFETY.
Our program of temperature loggers can assist in some of missions advised there.

Aquasorp Generator from Decagon  
The AquaSorp Isotherm Generator is an automatic moisture sorption isotherm generator that rapidly creates detailed adsorption and desorption curves.

First Test with AQUASORP in Ort Braude College Carmiel Israel  

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