Labler for Barcode weight and Price on a contiuous checkweigher  

Fortress short Manual in Hebrew   

Metal detecton technology Vs. X Ray Technology  
Summary of a comparative study of two technologies used for contaminant detection in the food industry - translated to Hebrew from English

Hygiene and Industrial Machinery  
To the article copy the link:

BBC trip to Banbury in the UK to purchase a Fortress Technology metal detector with EC mark  
EU rules affect daily life across Europe. Fortress Technology produces according to EU regulations. demonstration in a BBC Video article

Flash Arrestors  
WITT Flashback Arrestors for reliable protection against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks according to EN 730 / ISO 5175-1 Certified and under surveillance Every Arrestor 100% tested. ➟ Other connections available on request Safety

ISO 22000 for WITTGAS applications  

Tapes and Labels Market Survey  
This report is a review of the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) survey that was conducted by SpecialChem4Adhesives during April-May, 2005.

Hot Melt Applications Presentation - Hebrew  

ISO 22000 for WITTGAS applications  

Metal Detection Basics  
Lecture that was given by Mr. Phil Brown from Fortress Technology in Milouda Laboratoies in May 2006.

Wittgasetchnick Press Release - Continuous Leak Detector  

Auto Test for Metal detecting by Fortress Technology  
For maximum efficiency and safety, it is not only imperative that all metal detectors be tested frequently, but is demanded by HACCP procedures.
The Auto-Test is far more consistent than any manual test and can also be used to augment a manual testing system.

Flashback arrestors Flash arrestors  
for preventing cassualties!

Mixers info   

Congradulations to Mana Y.A. from Beit SHemesh for instalation of Vertex Ultra Slim Metal Detectors from Fortress Technology  

Zriconia sensor to optimize gasing technic  
In Hebrew

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